Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Duper

The excitement is building for our revered annual Superbowl extravaganza as all America gears up for the most pervasive nationwide football party ever. And I’m snuggled up right smack in the middle of these enthusiastic throngs. My dilemma is that I don’t much mind which team wins the championship as I have no strong pull toward or against either one. Normally I take into consideration the geographical location in reference to home base but in this case, both are out of Midwestern states and there really isn’t much difference. Therefore, the organizer that I am felt the need to tally up the pros and cons in order to make an informed decision. These somewhat lame, personal considerations came into play while reflecting on my choices.


1. Peyton Manning has been my FFB QB for the last several years and I really can’t lay the blame on him for my FFB failings.

2. Indiana is my state’s next door neighbor which can make for close, fuzzy ties or aggressive sibling rivalry. *glares at Pittsburgh*

3. I’ve driven through Indianapolis on I-70 on NE trips.

4. TBC and bro-in-law are rooting for the Colts and I love playing devil’s advocate.


1. They are also perched next to a Great Lake.

2. My mom was born there.

3. One of their team colors is orange and being a Browns fan, I have much in the way of citrus-hued accessories and clothing.

4. Several of my cousins reside in Chicago.

And yet, none of these enumerated facts were of much help in picking the all-important preference. Next, I googled “Who is Cleveland rooting for in the Superbowl?” and came across some savvy hometown perspective. Mike from God Hates Cleveland Sports had this to say:


Pros: A kick-ass defense is what football is all about. Chicago is almost a sister city to Cleveland. Or at least a parent city, cuz it's the city we want to grow up to be. And though the Bears is one of the NFL's storied franchises, they've been fairly downtrodden over the last 10 years or so for their 1985 Super Bowl championship.

Cons: The Bears are still living off of that 1985 Super Bowl championship. Then there's the White Sox, Michael Jordan, and the World's Largest Tavern a.k.a Wrigley Field, where the Cubs perennially disappoint. They got plenty in Chicago, they don't need another Super Bowl title.


Pros: Peyton Manning is one of the NFL's good guys, even if he does throw his offensive line or defense or idiot kicker under the bus every now and then. Tony Dungy is a class act. And they've been a fun offense to watch for years.

Cons: It's the Colts fault the Browns moved to Baltimore to begin with. First, they drafted John Elway, then didn't want to pay him enough money, so he held out and went to Denver. While there, he crushed Browns fans dreams. Then the Colts snuck out of Baltimore, leaving a gaping hole that Art Modell eventually filled.

After much soul-searching deliberation, I have decided to throw my support to the Chicago Bears (sorry TC!) and dug through my closet to find appropriately-hued attire. Glued to the TV, I’ll be resplendent in bright orange jeans and a navy Rip Curl surf shirt complemented by numerous orange accessories (see above) as I once again play hostess with the mostest to our regular posse. A panoramic spread of gastronomic delights washed down with a steady flow of Genesee beer will grace the groaning table. Pictures are promised as we pay homage to this most glorious of all national holidays, Superbowl Sunday. In conclusion, GO BEARS!!!


Traveling Chica said...


Just when I thought you were perfect...

How can you root for the Bears?!?! It's not like I love the Colts, but honestly, Circe, the bears!??!?!!?


Showing my love for any team that's not from MN or IL, I will be cheering against you every step of the way. (It doesn't hurt that the Colts have Sorgi who played at the UW, and as an alum, do I have a choice but to root for him?!?! I think not.)

If I boycott the blog on Monday, we'll all know why.

Circe said...

Oh TC, *gulps* I hope eventually in your heart you can forgive this grave error on my part. *sniffles* In my defense, I must emphasize the need to pick a team to root for. I most certainly would not fall under the designation of "FAN" per se, but rather just needed to spice up the shindig with retaliatory smack talk.

Please don't say we are through!!!

heartbreakingly, :(

Slinger said...


Traveling Chica said...

We're not through, Circe, we're just taking a little "break."

Bone said...

I haven't decided who to be for, either, Circe. As as I have no close ties to either team.

This happened last year, as I didn't think I had any preference, but once the game started, something drew me towards the Seahawks. I'm expecting the same thing to happen this year. Until then, I'll just say:

Go... TBD!

Burg said...

I could care less.. I only get into OU football. Even then I only watch bits and pieces of the games.

Traveling Chica said...


What am I going to do with you kids?

Big Ben said...

The second half was boring. The first half was great. The better team won.

thephoenixnyc said...

WOOT!!! Congratulations Colts and Peyton WOOT!!!

Dave Evanns said...

Wow the Bears chocked!