Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love Is In the Air

My preshus honey bunny hubby pooh can't remember jack squat when we are out and meeting new people. I have to remind him of their names or where they work, etc. He's just out enjoying himself and trying not to busy his mind with minor details like your name. That's my job. Always has been and I thought, always will be. Until tonight.

We headed to our weekly Power class, loaded up on weights and proceeded to get started. Some new girl was heading up our hour of intense muscle use and she introduced herself (I didn't catch her name) and said she was substituting for our regular instructor and would also be covering for her in a couple of weeks and its likely that she will take over either our class or the Monday night class on a permanent basis. That's cool.

Anyways, we get started and by the second song I realize this is 'Richards kind of music'. Kind of dark.... ok, wait. No... it was German or something. Something that he'd listen to. I looked at him and he was just lifting away with no a care in the world... it was like he'd died and gone to heaven. He smiled and turned his attention right back to the new little sub.

All of the instructors we have for this class are thick. Not fat, but thick. They are muscular and can lift massive amounts of weights and with ungodly amounts of reps. This little girl was slender and about, ohh... a size one. I tried to find some muscle tone, but she was just thin (not like anorexic girl, who by the way was a noshow tonight). This instructor is a hard-ass! She worked us harder than any of the 'muscular' instructors and is a damn slave-driver during abs. I love her!

I watched Richard during our class... I watched him, watch her... more than any other instructor. He even got his form perfected, which he refused to do in any other class. But little new sub got him to do it. I thought, 'if he wasn't with me... this girl would be one he'd want to hook up with'.

After class she came over and introduced herself again (I still didn't catch her name) and asked if we were new. She said she hadn't seen us around before... (but we hadn't seen her around either). I told her we'd been members for quite some time but we'd just never been in a class of hers. She went on to talk to us about how she's a school teacher and is going to start teaching more of these classes and hopes we enjoyed it and yadda yadda. I told her we did.... and thank you... and see you next time.... and all that good stuff.

We stopped at the clipboard on the way out so we could sign-in for the class (kind of backwards way to do it, but we always sign-in afterwards) and I noticed her name at the top of the form. As we walked out, Richard said 'her name is Crystal'. I think that's what he said... i've completely forgotten now what her name is/was. We got our keys and headed to the car. He plopped down in his seat (with his new-found energy... that he rarely has when we leave the gym!) and says "I really like her!" (may I interject my 'no shit Sherlock' here?)

I like her too. She's hardcore and makes me hurt! I love that!!!

I said, 'you know... she's your type of girl'. He says, 'yeah, she is! I was loving that music she was playing. She's got great taste and blah blah blah blah' (I totally spaced out about here). I follow with ' I had a thought while we were exercising and I was watching you watch her. If I wasnt' in the picture... you'd so be all over her!' He confirms that she's his type and follows with all kinds of information like... she's a teacher (he never remembers where people work or their position) and that she's thin but has muscle tone. I had commented earlier that she was so thin and not too muscular however he informed me that I was mistaken. She had muscle tone because while she was instructing and lifting with us, her muscles were popping out and he could see that she had blah blah blah (whatever).

I would not be surprised if we suddenly get interested in more classes and it just by chance is being taught by Crystal. I won't have to drag Richard, kicking and screaming, to the gym. He'll meet me at the car when I get home from work.... all dressed and bottled water in hand... kind of like a kid getting to go to the candy store.

MEN! But I guess if it works.... I'll go with it and let her heavy German music loving thin blonde butt suck him into being a gym rat. That's what i've wanted all along... *giggle*


Traveling Chica said...

I'll go with it and let her heavy German music loving thin blonde butt suck him into being a gym rat.


You're potentially more generous with your husband than a lot of women...

Kerry said...

I'm very secure in my relationship with him... so I can be a little generous ;) I know where his heart is... and he knows mine.

He's fun to tease :)

Slinger said...

That's pretty funny. But if I did this, my wife would probably wonder why I all of a sudden remember her name.