Saturday, November 18, 2006

Borat - The Movie

Last night we finally had a chance to go see Borat. Eric had told Richard that there was a few parts... well, one in particular that he couldn't believe he was watching, but he wouldn't divulge any details. We had no idea what we would see... but when that part came, we totally realized what he was talking about!

It was gross to see the chunky dude whackin to Pamela Anderson's picture in the Baywatch magazine, but it was even more grosser (is that a real word!?!?) to watch him wrestle Borat - totally butt naked! To watch flubber flouncing in the wind and nut sacks being shoved into another guys face and then watch as Borat was being forced to smell big dudes butthole (EEEWWWWW) while the guy sat on his face and said something to the effect of 'smell my ass' or 'lick my hole'. Heck I can't remember exactly what he said because we were too busy laughing and watching the whole circus act on the screen.

I'm so glad we sent P and C to see another movie. I hope I didn't ruin for anyone... but even though I shared just that little part, you still need to see it to get the whole effect. Oh my....

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