Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Conversation Took a Detour

My sis and I have been plotting our Black Friday shopping day - that's the day after Thanksgiving shopping day if you didn't know - and our conversation today went a little off the deep end, as usual. Piper is my doggie niece.

Via Email:
Me: Best buy is selling a 17" flat panel monitor for blah blah blah...

Sis: Uh no i don't think i will, So what time do you want to b there?

Me: Well, sherri was telling us we need to be there about 3am.... but dang that is early!

Sis: YEah but i can believe it b/c that is why i have never
done it b/f. Lets just go at 3 and sleep in the car if we need to we can set our alarms on our phones to go off every 30 min to make sure we are the first in line and take a thermous of coffee

Me: Okay. bring blankies. And hot choco... I don't do coffee

Sis: We can bring Piper too cuz she will keep us warm and if we get too hungry and cold we can eat her and wear her fur.

Me: No... I'm on a low-fat diet. Remember?!?! The doggie doctor said she is a fatty mcfatterson. She isn't lean meat. However, we can put a barrel around her neck with $5 in it and send her to the local 7-11 to get us beverages and snacks. That's a win-win. We get fed and warmed... she exercizes her tubby legs. :)

Sis: You know what that would work, i like that idea and maybe she will get discovered by a hollywood producer and be the star in the next big dog hit movie and we will have a HUGE shopping spree on Piper!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Yes! Then we will have to quit and work for Piper full time. I'll be her manager because I don't mind being short with her and giving her the 'what fors'. You just be her sassy doggy momma with big hair and giant sunglasses.

Sis: Oh and we will need more bling...

Me: Yes... I like big bling. Piper is going to have to work hard
and she's going to have to get in shape. That means no more Taco Bell and no more sneaking 5lbs of valentines day chocolates while no one is home!

Sis: Yeah and no more sleeping all day, we are going to have to work harder on our walks in the morning and chase more cats... we are also going to have to get me the helium boob. Oh hell while i am at it i will get
liposuction in my cheeks (all 4) and you can have it for your boobs.

Me: Sweet! I knew that dog would be of use some day!
If she had a cell, I'd call and wake her up right now and make her run laps in the living room. I might give a shout out to the neighbor and have them bang on the wall to get her doggy butt up!

Sounds like we have the whole day planned out well..... *giggle*

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