Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Party Weekend

Richard was recruited to take party pics. Here has is evaluating his material... and some hilarious videos that he shot while none of us were watching!!!
That's me... trying to gather all the kiddos up after the DJ had announed P's party to the party area for pizza, cake, cokes, gifts, etc. I noticed (after looking at this picture) that C stands just like me. lol
Richard shooting more video/pictures.
The party stuff. Clean. Before any pizza sauce, spilled Dr Pepper, buttercream icing or chocolate crumbs got smeared all over.
The two hot chicks there were working the party. These two add sizzle to any young man's party!!!

Finally I'm getting some time to get some of our Birthday pics out. This year, P decided to have a skating party to celebrate. We reserved a party area complete with assistant (hired) to set up, serve and clean. I love this plan! You can go here for a few more pics and some more of the story.


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