Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Updates...

Isn't that a Saturday Night Life skit? I haven't watched SNL in years. I miss the good ones when Eddie Murphy did Mr Rogers Neighborhood. ahaha

Anyways, I guess you can see I didnt get any Miami pictures on the site. I don't know where the weekend goes, but it sure doesnt allow me enough time to get done what I need to do. Friday night we took C and P to see Accepted - which is in NO WAY clean enough to be a rated PG-13 movie. I know with that rating, there is going to be some questionable material, but holy crap! the 'F' word was flying and tons of sexual enuendo's. They had to have rated it without watching the film. It was a good movie... but only for the dirty minded adults, not for sweet kiddos whose minds 'dont go there' yet!

Saturday was consumed with soccer games. My morning started early - 7:45am to be exact - with Spin class. Then after a quick shower and packing an ice chest, we headed out to spend the day at the soccer fields. P's team is really coming along and doing wonderfully. They were kicking some serious booty up to half, and then some player shuffle occured and things kinda went sour... but they still tied and played an awesome game! C scored a goal during his game *cheerleader move*... and they won!

Sunday, after lunch, we headed out to the State Fair to spend the last day trying to catch some of the rides and fattening fair good. It was busier than I expected and warmer too! My thoughts were 'if we spend two hours here that's plenty'. Five hours later..... I finally expressed my desire to leave the crowded arm pit smelly world of fun state fair and to my surprise my group agreed! I figured i'd have to fight to get to leave... but thankfully they too had sore feet and were getting frustrated by all the long lines (seems my lack of patience has worn off) so we got to go home!

We made it.... in time to watch the Season Premiere of Desperate Housewives. Yeah, baby! Its baaaaaaaaack!!!


thephoenixnyc said...

Did you eat any fried twinkie son a stick at the State Fair?

Kerry said...

No... i wanted a fried Snickers and I looked for them, but never found them. I didnt see a fried Twinkie either. Surely they do those still!!!?!!

We got a corndog and pizza. I wanted a funnel cake... but no one would share with me and i didnt want to get one to myself. I'd eat the whole thing! haha