Thursday, September 28, 2006

Goose Egg

It's not really a goose egg, but it's sore.

Tuesday night my sister met me at the gym and after logging miles on the treadmill and stairstepper, we hit the free weights. I had a bar laying on the floor - doing bicep curls - and she had walked around to get some hand weights. In an instant when I bent over to pick up my bar, she came laly-gaggin around me with weights in hand... just swinging them like it was a nice spring day and she was happy to be alive... and WHAMMO schmacked me in the head with her weight.

She heard the collision and gasped for air as she waited for my reaction. Me, being the drama queen that I am (proud of it), grabbed my head and started telling her it was bleeding and I had serious trauma to the head. She busts up laughing! Seriously, it was ok.... but today it's sore. There is a little bump... but its pretty sore. She's going again with me tonite and i'm going to coordinate her lifting so she is nowhere near me with those things. She's dangerous!


Traveling Chica said...

Probably not funny to you, but I enjoyed the story. :) Thanks for the laugh!

Circe said...

Hmmmph! It's not a 'spring day' and she'd better not go smacking her big sis in the head again. Maybe it was a subliminal whack getting out repressed aggression from childhood....

Poor baby!

Kerry said...

Chica: glad you enjoyed it. Its always something when I'm with the sis!

I do think she takes out our childhood experiences on me... meanie!