Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Not Billy, but Holly

What the heck is up with Holly Madison!?!?

It's no big secret that I think Shawn Johnson is as cute as they come... so for the first time ever I've been watching Dancing with the Stars. Holly is also on this seasons show... complete with her hallow head and zero personality.

I watched her in Girls Next Door and she seemed more intelligent and aware. Until the last few episodes (months) of their run. You could tell when she mentally had checked out of her relationship with Hef and really wanted the show just to hurry and end. She never smiled and rarely spoke. She had this bitchy empty look.

I see now.. that's her! On DWTS last night she took stabs at herself and talked about how she deserved nothing and thought her score was too high (high!??! you got like 12 out of 30!!) She never smiled and seemed on the edge of tears each time the camera even swung her way. Her dance was less than enthusiastic. You can obviously tell she's never exercised a day in her life. She acted like it might kill her if she moved too quickly or broke a sweat. What is her deal!? I dont remember this Holly a few years back. Old age creeping in or what?!?! She's only like 28 or something. With that sparkling personality...she's going to starve.

Now, Bridget and Kendra on the other hand... those girls got sparkle! hehehe

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Circe said...

I know Holly had mentioned before on TGND that she never worked out. I always thought she was the responsible, smart one but it is like there is no spark or personality inside anymore. And yes, Bridget and Kendra smiled way more had showed much more personality.