Monday, March 30, 2009

Come HIther

Well, I was feeling a little sassy tonight and had (still do) alot of pinned up energy. I haven't been able to hit the gym in a week because i've been hackin up lungs with this bronchitis! Anyways, the phone rang and some sweet, come F me voice ask for Mr. Kerry. uh huh...

Me: He's unavailable right now. Can I take a message?

Come F me: Is this Mrs Kerry? Can I talk with you instead.

Me thinking: Well hell ya! You better start talking you sweet little come F me voice!

Come F me: This is Suzie Q with blah blah college (his alma mater) and we're doing annual tuition donation drive for new students trying to help new enrollees with expenses and we see that Mr Kerry has donated in the past and we'd like to see if he would like to give this year.

Me: HE HAS!?!? I didn't know we were donating!?!?

I can hear the silence. lol She pauses, obviously not sure if she is in trouble or if Mr Kerry is in trouble or how to approach this.

Come F me: Yes, um would YOU like to donate?

Me: I really think its best if we talk to Mr Kerry first and see how he'd like to handle this. I wasn't aware of any donations but that doesn't mean anything and so I'd like to talk to him first.

She's still using her sexy Come F me voice but in a much more cautious tone.

Come F me: I can do this for you. I can send you a donation postcard and there is absolutely no obligation. You can talk to him about it and make a donation if you'd like. There is no obligation (got it the first time) and if you choose not to donate then simply throw it away. Would that be ok?

Of course its ok. *giggle* I seriously didn't know he'd donated and for all I know it was eons ago and unless it dipped into my shopping fund, I really don't care. UNLESS he didn't turn it in as a deduction on our taxes. THEN he's in trubble!

She sounded about 14.


Mr Kerry said...

Yep, it was several years ago. I didn't have much to donate, but they needed the numbers for some reason or another.

Hahah, that's funny though.

Is it wrong of me to have been hoping that was going a whole different direction?

Bone said...

Man, I never get solicited by a Come F Me voice. All I get are I Hate My Life's.