Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skank College

At least seven commercials for various alternates to pursuing a traditional college career are run during the daytime TV judge shows. One of the most annoying is Everett Institute where the young gangbanger looking guy tries to shame the viewer into getting his/her lazy arse off the couch, showing some initiative dammit, and making that call! Rather than dashing to the phone, I just want to throw a frosty beverage at him as the commercial ends and he disgustedly walks away. He knows deep down in his heart that we stubborn sloths ain't gonna take his advice...

But the one I most enjoy making fun of is what I affectionately refer to as Skank College aka Career Point Institute. Their commercials run ALL the frickin time and their biggest selling point is their daycare facilities. This place seems to cater to the single gals with multiple children thanks to what I can only assume was their former wild hussy ways. Let’s discuss the gals they use to sell their school. My personal favs were a few earlier ones that ran where the very pretty fluffhead sweetly informed us she had two kids and was fresh out of high school. Say that again? How did this airhead ever manage to attend classes let alone graduate what with morning sickness, swollen feet, and endless hospital stays while popping kids out every semester? Another freshfaced, befreckled pup with messy, long reddish hair who didn’t look a day over 12 also blithely informed us she had children (plural) and couldn’t exactly haul them to a regular college, could she? She was thrilled beyond words that this joint offered daycare. They quit running these ads but the newer ones aren’t much better. They have slightly upgraded the females used to showcase their institute but they just had to keep one scuzzball to appeal to their target audience. She has messy blonde hair, obvious chin zits (all the others have had clear skin, by golly) and two adorable kiddos shown having a blast at the daycare center. Geez. Now I’ll all for learning skills that will help one make a better life for themselves and their children but IMHO they need to feature some gals that put forth a more positive personal image and turn the skank level down a few notches. Just sayin.


Kerry said...

Have you heard the commercials that OSUOKC is running? They are offering a deal where they pay for your entire 3rd semester if you attend 2 consecutive semester. Attend 2, 3rd is free! Tuition, books and fees!

Bone said...

the young gangbanger looking guy

LOL How descriptive.

I guess the next step is providing free 24 hour tutoring in the maternity ward?