Sunday, March 23, 2008

Don't Eat the Chocolate Jelly Beans

Happy Easter!!!

It's been nice all week and today it's supposed to be pretty nippy. Just like spring break, the weather gods know when it's going to be Easter and they make it cold. Every year. Yet every year, the fashion designers make little thin, strappy, Easter dresses to be worn with cute little white sandals, when in reality we need to be wearing sweaters and boots!

Enjoy your day!


TC said...

It's snowing here today :-/

Happy Easter ladies!

Angela said...

Happy Easter
It took me a minute to get the title. I thought yum chocolate jelly beans. Then I thought hum, yuck.

Kerry said...

TC: Wow. I've never heard of snow on Easter... course I shouldnt be surprised since we've had ice storms on spring break. lol

Angela: I hope you and our family had a good holiday!