Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh my gosh! I'm scared!!! I got the confirmation email today for Boot Camp. It reads:

You will recieve a log book on the first day of the will be required to fill out this log daily and brig it to class for it to be checked. I am including a half book in this email so you my read the intro to our program, please take the time and read it thourghly, if you have time before the program begin to adjust to this new schedule. ...see attached doc.

Are you kidding!? I have to admit that I sneak chocolate chip cookies!?!?

Our program will be running all 5 days a week (Mon - Fri). if you have opted for the 3-day version you are welcome to pick any 3 days that fit your busy schedule....
Winter Schedule:
This means we will be doing 3 days Inside and 2 days outside. Please remember we have a 40 degree rule...if the temp is under 40 we will be inside.

We will discuss the eating program in detail plus do a sample workout. I suggest to begin doing some physical activity if you do not do some already. The first weeks of the program you are usually quite stiff and sore. I reccommend to start drinking plenty of water. (1/2 your body weight in ounces a day, Example: 160 lbs = 80ounces of water a day)

I pray my already very frequent and intense workouts... are good enough to get me in the starter program!

Things to bring:

Cross training shoes

We expect you to dress approiately...this means no short shorts or tube tops. We are professional and expect the same from students. Please wear spandex shorts under your regular shorts. When we are outside, dress for the weather, wear layers, gloves or whatever you may need to stay warm.

I also have to sign a waiver! I havent read it yet, but i'm sure it gives them the right to yell and scream and hurt us and make us use muscles we didn't know existed. yeah!!! What fun this will be! *kinda sceeered*


Richard said...

Your strong, you'll be fine. In fact, I bet you'll be one of his better "enlisties"...

Circe said...

Not only will she do great, she'll get elevated to co-instructor! Yep, we know Mz Ker...

TC said...


Kerry said...

I hope i'm one of the top students! I'll certainly push myself to get there anyways.... Coach Pain would be proud!