Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drop and Give Me 10

Kids! Momma's going to Bootcamp!

*cheerleader jump*

I'm so excited! For the month of February I'll be joining a group of temporarily insane fitness fanatics and going to bootcamp hell. I can't wait to be screamed at and degraded and belittled by my leader! Our leader has trained in Martial Arts for over 20 years and holds a 5th dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 4th dan black belt in Kito Ryu Jujitsu.

He was the Hand-to-Hand combatives guest instructor for the 101st airborn in Fort Campbel Kentucky, 2nd batalion, was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as most Outstanding Martial Artist and he produced 5 world champions in the Native American World Games.

Sounds fun, doesnt it!??! My sweetie pie Richard bought it for me! Thanks babe!!!


Richard said...

You are very welcome of course. Can't wait to see how you react to it.

Circe said...

OMG Ker. Only you could appreciate such a grueling workout!!! Um, now I'm all for fitness and have been that way for ages but er, this sounds extremely difficult. Do give us the scoop once you get started. ;)

TC said...

Um, congrats? Enjoy?

Angela said...

Just stay alive.
I will say a prayer

nunu said...

Good Luck!!! Keep us informed!