Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BTW... I love that pic below, Circe. haha

I thought for sure I'd be spending today in the hospital having a new little baby... not so far, no such luck. So many people have told me "it will be the 21st!" so I thought that it just had to be! So many have said it! PLUS its turned cold today. Freezing cold. From 80 degrees yesterday to 40 something today plus the blistery wind. Of course I'd go into labor on a cold day and have to 'weather' the storm! Yep... nope, not me! I'm hanging tough! I also thought it would be today because I didn't want to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. Sure fire way of getting tossed in the bed to have a baby. Nope. Still nothing.

So, I guess I'll get to eat 20 little Thanksgiving snacks on Thanksgiving instead of a big dinner. I dont have room for all that food!

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and keep warm!!!


TC said...

Happy Turkey Day! :)

I hope Little November at least chooses to come when the roads are safest for you to be out driving.


CruiserMel said...

OMG, are you that close to birthin' that baby? I'll be you ARE miserable. You poor thing. Hey, maybe you'll go into labor during the big dinner - that would be a good story to tell the baby. Bestest wishes to ya.

Big Ben said...

Just a suggestion: name your kid Ben.

Kerry said...

TC: Thank you so much! I wish you a great Turkey Day too. So far, the forecast is clear EXCEPT for saturday and sunday with the possiblity of snow/rain. *biting nails*

Cruisermel: Thanks! I am that close to birthin' that baby ;) We thought for sure we'd have her by now. Even though we havent hit the due date... we just knew we'd have a baby by Thanksgiving. Guess kiddos don't always cooperate. lol

Ben: I'll consider it ;) Since she is a girl, maybe Bennetta?

Angela said...

Hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving.
It is sure hard waiting for a baby to come.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Get off the computer woman!!!! You need to go have that baby!

Guilty Secret said...

A belated happy thanksgiving to you? Now, where's that baby? :)