Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jackhammers & Strobe Lights

On our last day of this abbreviated work week and at one week shy of five months, I am once again driving my repaired GP. I was curious as to how I’d feel about that but it actually felt extremely good and very comfortable and I was pleased to be back in the dark gray leather saddle. Sometimes it takes driving a bare-bones, no-frills kinda car to appreciate the additional bells and whistles that exist in newer models. It was so nice to know what speed I was traveling at for a change and to not have to go through the extra effort of lowering my eyeballs to view just how fast I was going. I didn’t have to throw the flopping seat belt back into the interior every single time I exited and it was lovely to check my makeup in the lighted mirror on the visor. Ah, it’s good to be spoiled again. :)

Usually our Grand Exalted Poobah waits until today to graciously bestow on we unworthy peons a shorter workday. It won't be happening this year and I partly blame myself. *sad face* Our new Grand Exalted Poobah's assistant was unaware of the need for tactful silence as questioning His Highness in regards to this ticklish matter has only ever led to a firm "no." Therefore the deed was done with the expected outcome. I should have warned her but I didn't think of it in time and I am deeply regretful of my lack of appropriate action.

It's cold in here. And the light in the hallway keeps wildly flickering. I'd call maintenance but why? Like they are going to come over here and do any actual work on this blustery day before the holiday. HA! And this morning as I was trying to explain something to our courier, there was a noisy jackhammer going in the background making communication impossible. Jackhammers and strobe lights. And no early leaving. Yeah, welcome to Chaos College.

For all my fellow Americans, I’d like to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving and for our international crowd, have a terrific weekend! See you back here on Monday...


CruiserMel said...

That puts the Happy in Happy Thanksgiving, doesn't it?

Love that picture! The cat cracks me up.

Bone said...

Ah, sometimes I miss cranking down the window by hand. Or turning the wipers off and on at five second intervals so passing cars would think I had intermittent wipers.

Happy Thanksgiving, Circe!

TC said...

It was so nice to know what speed I was traveling at for a change

LOL Yeah, kind of important, that is ;-) My first car had this thing before it got to the point that I got rid of it, where the spedometer wasn't working well. I used to know how fast I was going by the gear I needed to be in. Once I shifted into 5th though... O:)

And you, Miss Circe, deserve to be spoiled ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to both you and Kerry and your families!

Kerry said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!