Sunday, August 05, 2007

Straight From Arkansas

I realize this is their business and their decision....

but really. Isn't enough enough!?!?

LITTLE ROCK — An Arkansas couple had a baby daughter Thursday — their 17th child and seventh girl — and the pair say they're still not ready to give it a rest.

Jennifer Danielle was born at 10:01 a.m. at a hospital in Rogers, Arkansas, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said in an interview.

"We'd love to have more," Michelle said, referring to baby girls. "We love the ruffles and lace."

Jennifer joins the fast-growing Duggar brood, who live in a 7,000-square-foot home in Tontitown. All the children — whose names start with the letter J — are taught at home.

The oldest is 19 and the youngest, before Jennifer, is almost 2 years old.

"We are just so grateful to God for another gift from him," said Jim Bob Duggar, a former state representative. "We are just so thankful to him that everything went just very well."

Jennifer joins siblings: Joshua, 19; John David, 17; Janna, 17; Jill, 16; Jessa, 14; Jinger, 13; Joseph, 12; Josiah, 11; Joy-Anna, 9; Jedidiah, 8; Jeremiah, 8; Jason 7; James 6; Justin, 4; Jackson, 3; Johannah, almost 2.

Read it here.
They also have their own website and there is another special on next month about their family. I watched the special before they had the 16th baby... it was crazy!! I really thank God that he understands i'm not cut out for a couple of baseball teams!

Will the doctors ever tell her "ok... you're done"!?!?!?


Bone said...

Ah, his name would be Jim Bob. That reminds me of a scene from Fletch Lives. Not that I expect anyone else to remember anything about a 20-year-old moderately popular film.

Angela said...

So many kids!
I think that it would be impossible to give each child enough attention.
I think they are just addicted to having kids.
They should have a support group or something.

Kerry said...

Bone... I remember Fletch!!!!

Angela... I thought the same. They certainly arent getting enough attention (each child) except from another sibling. At this point, i'm beginning to think its the attention they like.

Circe said...

Bone, I loved Fletch! :)

Ker-I have just two words for this nutjob couple.

"mandatory sterilization"

Wombat said...

Sheesh, that's no challenge. Why didn't they choose all names starting with "X".

That would have been way more meritorious.

"Stopping hitting your sister Xanadu, Xerxes."


weatherchazer said...

Oh man- I read about this last week and almost died. They are being incredibly irresponsible (imo). I only have two and think I went too far. What in the world are they thinking!

Guilty Secret said...

He he he it looked like they were running out of names when they got to "Joy-Anna" but they got a second wind...

What a story!

CruiserMel said...

How did Jim Bob ever have time to be a state representative with all that sex going on? Oh wait, he's not one anymore. That explains it.

I agree with the "mandatory sterilization", too.

TC said...

I agree about the no attention for the kids... and that's just sad. Because it was really about the kids, they wouldn't care if they had an equal number of boys and girls.

Burg said...

Her uterus must be like a deflated balloon at this point.

Kerry said...

OH! I forgot to mention there is a birth video online. I think its her 16th kiddo and aired on Discovery or something. The oldest kids were in the room with her video taping the birth. She didnt sweat one drop, she didnt scream or even indicate there was anything larger than a normal size piece of poo passing through her... and she shot out the 16th kiddo.