Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Frying Pan & Fire

Now that we’ve climbed out of the water bucket we’re staggering over to the sweltering oven where it looks like we’ll be baking, boiling, roasting and fricasseeing for some weeks to come. I just checked the Weather Channel’s ten-day forecast and it’s Triple Digit City for Okieland this week. Today portends to be a balmy 101 degrees followed by four days (count ‘em, FOUR) of blistering 103s. And that doesn’t even reflect the heat index will should easily put us above 110. Oh joy! I’m really grateful that I slather on moisture-proof makeup each day as otherwise it would all be sweated off by 6 pm.

Chaos College upgrades to Office 2007 this semester and training is scheduled today in the computer lab. I’m still debating whether I want to hit the morning or afternoon session. But the truly ecstatic news to wind up our workweek is that our illustrious honchos are having a two-day slumber party at the lake as they “brainstorm” and pretty much waste valuable time that could be used to prepare for the nail-biting onset of our biggest, most chaotic of all times, *drumroll please* fall semester! Oh well. Guess the peons will do what we always do, keep on keeping on. And we do a stellar job of that I might add. ;)

To my undisguised pleasure, a friendly missive from a Ms Melanie Flowers arrived in my mailbox this week. Here is a replica of her delightful missive:

Hello! I am tired today. I am nice girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at only, because I am writing not from my personal email. Would you mind me showing some nice pictures of me?

I was terribly sorry to learn of this lovely child’s fatigue and yet greatly moved knowing she was willing to surmount that daunting obstacle and expend her time and what little energy she still possessed in offering photos of herself to an unworthy recipient such as me. Does that not just warm the cockles of your heart? While I’m still debating the efficacy of her offer, I’m more than happy to share her generosity with my fellow bloggers and urge all of you to help her feel wanted by writing back in the affirmative to her charitable proposition.


ocg said...

That email actually seems very creepy.

I can't imagine that hot heat, we here have been at a nice 75 lately. However, I leave for Africa in less than two weeks, and I hear it is Hot Hot Hot there. We shall see...

(I missed you!) :)

Wombat said...

How I love the word "peon".

That's made my day, thank you Miss C.

weatherchazer said...

LOL- I think I'll pass on being nice- after that email, it seems over-rated. I'm in the heat index with ya- if something doesn't give soon, I'm going to stroke out before I make it to my car at 5p.

Big Ben said...

Ask her how hot she is? Might be a good deal.