Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where Have I Been?

I didn't realize it's been several days since i've posted! wow how time flies!!

It's raining flipping cats and dogs. We're supposed to get some 4.85 inches by 5pm tomorrow... so in just about 36 hours it will be flood levels again. Wait... the flood from before really hadnt lowered because it had nowhere to run off to because of the rains before that! I'm building an ark!

Sunday we spent a good part of the day at the lake with a coworker of Richard's and his wife. We took the boys out tubing and with the first run, the material on the tube - ripped! It was the first time Jack had used the tubed too... so it was a real bummer. We did about three rounds and decided to head to the local wal-mart for a new tube or something else to play with. Richard, Jack and C headed to shop... and the rest of us stayed in the boat soaking up some rays. Within no time they were back and we went for round 2 of jetting around the lake. We got about three miles from our launch site.... killed the engine to let people in and out of the boat... the sucker wouldnt start again!

The guys pulled this, tugged that, took this and that apart, etc.. but it was a no go. We contacted lake patrol... which was actually the local police department (they patrol the lake too) and got towed in. It was an action packed day for sure! The lake was up about 6 feet too. Picnic tables were covered, docks were under water... its crazy! And now its pouring again. Lovely.

My friend Deb, that went to Vegas with us, text mess'd me last night and she's going to be a grandma!!! Congrats to you Debbie! This will be her first grandbaby - of many more to come I think :) I'm so happy for her!

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I really, really want to say this post fascinates me. But I can't.