Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Buy Me Some Sun

I'm going to Cozumel, kids!!!! *cheerleader jump*

Richard called me at work and asked me about a trip and we got to looking and decided to jump in and take off before school starts. I'm ready to see some sun and sand! No more of this monsoon weather! Yipppeee! Today marks the 15th consecutive day of rain.

Oh yes.... and it seems we'll be buying pink for this little baby ;)


CruiserMel said...

Pink? Um.....I'm not the brightest bulb, but that would mean a baby girl? :)

Bring back some sun and sand and as you fly over Texas, drizzle some of that over Dallas. We're awfully soggy ourselves.

Congrats on the girl!

Burg said...

YEA!! I love pink!

Which reminds me.. I have a ton of pink stuff.. If you would be interested in some extra stuff, which I know you'll be getting a ton of new stuff (we always do, whether we say we won't or not), send me an email or something, because I'd be glad to pass it along.

Circe said...

Kerbear, I can't stop the tears of joy from flowing upon reading your post this morning! (though you wrote last night)

I'm SO happy for you both!!!!
*happy dance*

auntie circe

Kerry said...

Cruiser: Thank you! We checked and double checked.... its a girl! I've watched the reports coming from the Dallas/Ft Worth area and its hecka worse than what we're getting here... and its bad here! Get out your little floaties and be safe!

Burg: That would be awesome! I've gotten rid of all my baby stuff - well I never had anything pink anyways! So far, she has a bed and one pink jogging suit. lol

Circe: You are so precious! Now, sop up those tears woman! Think of the tears I will shed when she starts her manipulative crap at the ripe old age of 3! hahhaha We're pretty excited! I'll have to post some of the Ultrasound pics :)

TC said...


Cozumel and a baby girl? You must have done something right ;)