Monday, May 21, 2007

With This Ring, I Thee Wed

Sunday afternoon/evening we spent watching a friend tie the knot. Richard's friend Eric said his "I do's" and married Abby... in our state's capital. Pretty cool that they rent out some of the rooms for such an event.... Here I'll share some pictures.

This picture actually serves two purposes. Saturday morning I got my hair cut by a new sylist... He swatted me with his brush for treating my hair so bad and cut off about 6 inches or so to get it in a healthier state. So... here's a pic of my new do AND a pic of Richard and I as we're headin out to the wedding!

Here's Richard waiting for his instructions before the wedding took place.

Abby with her bridesmaids.

Eric with the groomsmen. I'm pretty fond of the one on the left ;)

At the reception we dined with Henri and Brandi... they are so fun!

Richard and Eric... BFF.

Here's where Richard spent his time. Considering my current physical state... I couldnt join him!!! So I ate a huge piece of chocolate cake. Gained 10 pounds.


Burg said...

You look gorgeous, and I love your hair! I just wish I had the patience to wear mine longer.. That flew out the window some time ago.

Kerry said...

Thank you, Burg!!! I got my hair cut short after I had C and P, but i'm determined to keep length this time :)

Traveling Chica said...

You look so cute!!! Aww, you might not have been able to drink, but chocolate cake is totally worth it :)