Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fab Four



Well gang, we’ve come to the end of our first long, interminable, butt-dragging, freshly-minted 4/10 workweek and I can now say with absolute certainty, TGIT(hursday)! These new hours are going to take some adjusting to and I just hope I can scrounge up enough energy to enjoy tomorrow after slogging through such mind-numbing, feet-dragging hours. I have been somewhat productive what with wading through crammed drawers and overstuffed file cabinets, reorganizing, and staring at the clock every three seconds but there is always that perplexing dilemma of how to while away the day for months on end (well okay, so it’s just a couple months, but still). There is always blogging, eh? Though I have many errands on my Friday "To Do” list, lazing in bed for later than 5:30 am is sounding downright agreeable for starters. Not only is this the beginning of longer weekends for Chaos College staff, not to mention Corporate Casual attire and Thursday Jeans Day, but we also kick it off with a lovely four-day weekend as we all hit the lakes/grills/patios/trails/campsites and whatnot to initiate my most favorite season of all—summer! *happy dance*

I’m not really sure this is as much an incentive has they hoped, but it was in my Browns Backers email yesterday.

Cleveland Browns Youth Football Camps
“Learn football techniques the Browns way this summer!” (Like how to lose?) The Cleveland Browns and Medical Mutual are holding football camps this summer. Developed by top NFL players and college coaches, these camps are designed for beginning football players. The curriculum will be taught by top area college and high school coaches. Browns coaches and players will make guest appearances.”

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Anonymous said...

We start our 4/10 days next week. There are some weeks that by Thursday late afternoon I am draggin...We are having our main enrollment today (till 6:00 pm) and tomorrow with classes starting Tuesday...

Enjoy your day off tomorrow!