Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sauerkraut and Weenies

When you get preggers, smells are more.... intense, I guess I should say. I smell things more than I usually would and am much more sensitive to different odors.

Today there is a horrid smell of ass or sauerkraut downstairs in the breakroom hallway. As the day warmed up, the stinch has become more intense... so much that someone has propped the doors open to allow the stinch to flow out. I'm sure in their mind it was to let 'fresh air in'.

To get from my area to darn near anyplace else in the building I/we must go through one of two doorways. One being this ass/sauerkraut aroma filled hallway or the other being the entryway leading to the mens bathroom which is in a constant state of poop smell.

No way around it, I must hold my breath to go see any V.P. or hit a pop machine, or this very sensitive little lady just might blow lunch chunks on the floor. I mentioned said raunchy smell to one of the techs and he agreed the ass/sauerkraut smell is burning his nasal passages. If a dude can smell it.... it's bad!


Burg said...

Pregnancy does give you a super snout.. I hated parmesan cheese the first time. This girl I worked with was always getting some sort of alfredo pasta and it always made me gag. The second time I hated the smell of meat while it cooked. It got me out of quite a few dinners..

I feel for ya! That's one of the worst parts of being a preg-o-saurus!

Kerry said...

The last time I was preg-o-saurus with one of my little angels... Taco Bell commercials made me want to puke! I could 'smell' the food in the commercial and it would make my tum churn!

Angela said...

Smells really can do something to you. When I was pregnant with my son I had to hold my breath every time I was in the grocery store near the fish.