Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Cuz

Well, it was one hectic week during cousin Ron's visit. Hectic but enjoyable. Sis and I shared him with his spending most days with us and every night with her clan. We had a cookout, a small dinner party and also treated him to the best steakhouse in town. TBC helped tremendously with the hosting and yes, he did show him where Twister was filmed! We pretty much spoiled him rotten but if any man deserves it, he does. I knew my aunt was a BITCH but after things he told us, I was ready to race to California and cheerfully ring her scrawny worthless little neck myself. How he didn't become a serial killer after her abusive treatment of him during his childhood is beyond me. And while I don't necessarily mean physical abuse, she inflicted enough pain, suffering, and humiliation complete with permanent mental scars to last more than one lifetime. I realize I am hearing his side, but you must understand I have seen her in action throughout the years during visits and heard enough stories from my mom to know these are not exaggerated fabrications. Were that it was. Anywho, for two solid days we doggedly poured through old picture albums that he brought along. Mz MotheroftheYear saved everything. And I do mean everything!!! She even had old grade school report cards and old picture IDs from every company she ever worked for. And enough pics of her to choke a horse. Course, she thought she was a seductive hottie, and while she was attractive, I wouldn't call her a great beauty by any stretch of the imagination. Sheesh! Ron, on the other hand, is one handsome guy. Must take after his dad. *snicker* And that's a whole other can of worms we won't even get into. After all the rectangular perusing, we hit the genealogy packets in our possession and that helped determine who some of the ancient, nameless faces were. Without boring you to total tears, our grandmother's side came over from Denmark in the mid-1800s while our grandfather's side came from Wales in 1659! They were practically on board with the first Pilgrims and/or Puritans. I had no idea the fam went back that far. On my dad's side, I'm clueless in terms of dates but I know they were from England and Germany.

That pretty much describes the highlights of his visit. I think it was 2001 the last time either of us saw him so it had been awhile and he had never come out this way. I guess it's all about the wife's family at his house because except for sis and I, there is NO contact with our other cousins (I think they're in Michigan) and with his being an only child, he feels outnumbered and voiceless. Hopefully, he felt loved and cherished amid his adoring (transplanted) Okie relatives. :) Three cheers for cousins!

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