Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hooters wings stop tasting good when a man becomes the father...of a daughter!


Richard said...

Where did that come from? I've always thought those outfits were pretty lame though.

TC said...


I actually like the taste of their chicken wings. (I hope no die-hard feminists read this or now they'll be after me.)

Grant said...

I've actually been surprised at how many families and groups of women eat at Hooters around here.

Kerry said...

It is a "fact" from Glamour or Cosmo or something. I dont know, but I read it online so it's a FACT. haha

I thought it was interesting though because after you have kids, you do see a few things a little bit differently.

TC & Grant: I like their wings too! We've taken the kids to eat there and didnt think much about it. The uniforms aren't too attractive. You can see more skin at the mall. haha

Bone said...

Yeah, I'm always surprised at how many kids and women frequent the Hooters here, too. My parents never took me. Maybe that's why I spent so much time there in later years.