Saturday, June 06, 2009

Catching My Breath

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been bad about posting and I humbly apologize. Summer has kicked into full swing and health problems or no, it means busy busy busy! Treatment kicked my butt this past week so I haven’t felt real whoop but I’m coming around and should feel better for the next couple weeks. In the meantime, last weekend I attended Relay for Life on Friday evening and then an all out anniversary bash on Saturday for my sweet niece and her absent hubby. Here’s a pic of the cake her talented mom-in-law made. Half was orange cake and half strawberry and all of it was delicious. Needless to say, I was pooped by the end of the fete.

This whole week has been crazy beginning Monday morning with TBC finally going under the knife and getting his rotator cuff operated on. He's needed to have this done for ages. I wanted to outfit the cats (not that they were in any way helpful) in nurse’s uniforms but settled for a hankie wrapped around their fuzzy little heads. Stubbly looks more like a chef than charitable healer and BW doesn't look all that happy in his new role. I didn’t even attempt to tackle The Witch Queen, Spikey, for her prerequisite headdress.

Between TBC’s understandable crankiness and my undertheweatherness, it’s been pretty chaotic in Circeland. I finally rallied somewhat yesterday enough to make it to Podunkville’s annual Draggin Grand. Our group staked out our usual corner and watched the wheels go round and round. Surprisingly, I didn’t partake of my usual refreshing repast from my favorite nippy bottle but stuck to soft beverages therefore averting the inevitable brazen flashing and flirty ass-wiggling at the startled drivers. I’m KIDDING! Mz Circe would never behave in such an improper and flagrantly unsuitable manner. *takes ladylike sip of brewed English tea*

Sis, hub, TBC and I had tickets to see the Eagles cover band, Hotel California, following the car promenade but since TBC was not up to all the festivities and stayed home, I recruited “S” to be my date for the show. Though they looked rode hard and put up wet, (I imagine the real Eagles do too) the group sang and played with remarkable likeness and the colorful lighting used was first rate. My only complaint (and I’ve remarked on this problem before) is Podunkville just doesn’t know how to let their hair down and get up and BOOGIE. Come on, people! Beer was prominently for sale (admittedly, pedestrian Bud and Bud Light), so open those pinched wallets, down a few (bunch) and let your thinning, graying hair down! Let’s par-tee! *sigh* Anywho, I’d definitely go see them again but a livelier bunch of fellow concertgoers would be much appreciated. Must I make my own bracing hooch and generously dole it out to get some positive results? Okay then...

So today is TBC’s company picnic and he was to receive a service pin but considering its several hours drive away and TBC’s physical status remains ouchy, we are not attending. And you know those wild hellions will be a-partying hearty. Que sera sera.


Grant said...

The proper way to apologize for bloggy absences is to flash the boobs. For ignoring Internet protocols, I fine you a dollar.

Angela said...

Wow you have been busy.

We did the race for the cure yesterday.


Kerry said...

WHATEVER! It doesnt matter how bad you feel... you're an ass-wiggler! HA :P

Get to feelin better soon ;) I miss you

Bone said...

Yes, bring your own hooch, by all means :)

Good seeing you around. Not that we don't enjoy Kerry. Two's just better than one.

TC said...

Is that cat wearing a chef's hat?

Circe said...

Ah Grant, here's your dollar...Guilty, guilty me.

Angela, good for you! The college one is in July but don't think I'll make that one.

Kerbear, moi? an ass-wiggler? Er, well maybe on a rare occasion...

Bone, thank you, my dear. Two is certainly more fun and Ker shouldn't have to hold up our blog all by herself. :)

TC, Stubbly actually has on a different hanky than BW but for some reason it looks like a chef's hat on him. Have no idea why but he looks pretty cute!