Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drop Kate

I finally watched (fast forward all the boring crap and watch all the important parts where they fight) Jon & Kate Plus 8 season opener. I'm still convinced she's a complete bitch and now, more than ever, i'm convinced they are officially seperated if not divorced. Would not surprise me in the least if it comes out later that they tried to cover it all up and hold it together just to be able to have a dramatic Season 5.

She can't stand to look at him and he seems completely "let go" of her BS. It rolls off him like no other... he's checked out. I don't blame him!

I'd stopped watching the show a long time ago and happened to catch one episode last season and noticed alot of changes; they turned away from each other while in the interview chair, she'd started tanning and lost alot of weight, etc. THEN it started coming out there was trouble in paradise... so I started recording it and fast forwarding all the cutsie crap and watching the interviews. Yeah, they have been faking it for a while.

Jon is a nice guy. Poor thing.

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