Thursday, May 21, 2009


Bone asked me about visiting Cheers while we were in Boston. We visited both! The orginal one that inspired the tv show has several floors, each with a bar and one with a large dining area. The top floor bar is set up like you're on the set. Its pretty fun! The bartender was awesome and hooked us up with some good drinks. From the look of the gang that night, its a popular local hangout. Not real touristy.

This is outside the replica Cheers thats located downtown in the Market area. It was built to appear like the Cheers you see on TV.

Me going upstairs to another bar area. The top floor bar was set up like the show and they'd even put up all the production equipment. Spotlights, mics, etc.

Outside the Original Cheers that inspired the show.

Richard with the gang!


Bunnylord said...

Nice butt shot.

Kerry said...

HAHA Thanks.

TC said...

Oooh, looks fun!

I so want to get to Boston someday.

Angela said...

Did you have a beer when you were there?