Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I totally forgot to watch Sober House last Thursday night but I caught up when it ran again on Friday evening. It looks like I guessed incorrectly and Mary managed to dodge the alcohol bullet at Swingfest, however, previews for the season finale appear to show our fav smiling repeater Steve as blowing it once again to finish things off on a 'high' note. Hehehe

Yes, I cried for the season finale of The Girls Next Door. While I didn’t burst into uncontrolled sobs, I did get teary-eyed when they were all in the room together saying how much they’d miss each other. I still haven’t figured out who Girl No. 3 is. I need to research that. And didn’t you think the twins were less than congratulatory in the episode where the gals got their scuba diving certificates and everyone on the boat was smiling but one twin had an insincere half-smile on her face and the other just looked poker-faced and downright snotty? Beotches..

Another tearful moment recently experienced was reading this headline regarding John C. Odom’s death. I just felt so bad for all the flack he must have caught for this ridiculous trade and we have to imagine that though he put on a brave face, this cut him to the core and terribly hurt his feelings. I hope all the guilty parties that made fun and never let him forget this embarrassment are experiencing more than a twinge of conscience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we bestowed on our fellowman the dignity we all deserve and not play a possible part in their sad demise? After all, when you get right down to it, be it mental or physical (or both) we are all "walking wounded" whether others are aware of our trials on not. *group hug*

Yet another addiction. I am madly in love with Yoplait Whips. Their sweet, moussey, fluffy yogurty goodness just drives me wild with gastronomic desire. And all the flavors are divine. I was partial to Key Lime Pie but damn if they aren’t all wonderful! They even offer a chocolate one. And there is just no way to eat one at a time. I always wolf down two, and later in the day I’ll grab yet another. Good for you and delicious; can't beat that with a stick.


TC said...

I like the Yoplait Whips, too. You could eat way worse things three times a day :)

Grant said...

"...accidental overdose from heroin, methamphetamine, the stimulant benzylpiperazine and alcohol." Yeah, those things normally mix just fine. I use that to settle my stomach.

Kerry said...

I watched the finale of Girls Next Door and I got a little misty eyed too. It's sad to see them seperate and what was really sad was that we all watched them be "seperate" for many episodes. Holly hasn't be "in" the show for quite some time and she was really cool to everyone in the finale. I'm so excited for Bridget... and Kendra, well she's Kendra. Cracks me up!

I do NOT like the twins. EVER. They are too young and immature and have zero personality. NADA.