Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peace, Love and Dance

I think i've developed a crush on Shawn Johnson! You know her... the cutest little U.S. Gymnastics Olympian ever! She never stops smiling. All during the olympics I tuned in to watch her faithfully. Before the games, i didnt know who she was. This is where I met and fell into deep like with her. Her smile is addictive and contagious. She's the cutest thing ever and I told C that he could bring her home to mom. I approve! She'd be a great girlfriend. She seems so happy and so appreciative and good-natured. Obviously a hard worker.

Last night I saw her dance on Dancing with the Stars and she rocked! Her legs are awesome and again her smile just kept beaming. I want C to hook up with her. I think she's the greatest thing since french toast!

Speaking of French Toast... what the heck happened to Farrah on Rock of Love!? She's gone!!! She'd say "what the French!?" and then it became "what the French Toast!?" lol


TC said...

She is the cutest thing ever!!!!! And you're right: that smile - it's like impossible to not smile right back at her.

Why did I think C was too young for her? lol I think I think you're younger than you must really be! (Did that statement make sense?)

Kerry said...

Everytime I see her on tv... smiling... i'm smiling back at her. Like she can see me! HAHA

C is quite a bit younger than her, but don't older women go for young stud muffins these days? Ashton and Demi... Richard and Kerry. haha

Circe said...

Oh Kerbear, I couldn't agree more. She is totally adorable! I always tune in for gymnastics during the Olympics and she was such a cutie. Go git her, C!

Grant said...

How old is she? Are you becoming a pedophile? Japan has need of you.

Kerry said...

I think she's like 18. maybe. Barely. hahaha But I want her for C! Well, I guess want her for me too cuz I really like her and i'd be happy for him to bring her home to momma :)

Bone said...

Eh, she's a little "too" cute and bubbly to me. I preferred... what was that other US gymnasts name? Nastia?