Friday, February 13, 2009

Alive & Kicking

Greetings fellow earthlings...

Yes, it's really me, your MIA Mz Circe. How ya doing? I'm not quite sure why I picked today to pop in but it seemed fitting. Today is actually my wedding anniversary to TBC and while we had a lovely lunch he felt compelled to spend most of this evening with his cousin and wife so if I am a trifle POed, I believe it's understandable. Romantic he ain't. Other than his lack of attention, I had a pretty good day. I wolfed down the majority of the delicious truffles his brother and wife graciously gifted us with. (Ha! Take that dumbass!) Ok, I will probably pay for that but it was indeed worth it.

I'm coming up blank for what is new. It's odd not working so I miss the interaction of clueless coworkers and their bone-headed actions. I've mostly been diligently taking care of myself heathwise and that's kinda boring so I won't inflict minute details regarding that on our adoring public. Anyway, I miss and love all of you and hope to make more appearances in the future when I feel the need to share something or throw one of my regular rants.

Ciao for now,


Kerry said...

OMG! I am SERIOUSLY so excited to see you here!!! *kisses* and *hugs* and *sickening kisses*

I miss you!!!!

TC said...


OMG, I've missed you!!!! It's so good to see you! :-D

Sorry TBC wasn't around for the anniversary, but we're sure glad to have you back around! :-)

Circe said...

It's good to be back. I already thought of several topics I plan to share.

smooches to my Kerbear and dear TC.

Angela said...

Well I am glad you got the chocolate.

good to see you again.