Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is Sunday!

Where did that come from? It kind of just snuk up on me! For weeks (months?) I've been thinking to myself "super bowl sunday" and plotting and planning what we will do and where we will go and who we will be with, etc. Suddenly, its here and we have no plans. Not one thing do we have planned. Nothing. Notta. Zilch. Our cycling group had talked about having a big party and all kinds of food and drinks and how to decorate the clubhouse, etc. But not one single def plan has been made. Its 3 days away! I guess we've all lost track of time. So now, I'll make plans of my own. I don't know what those plans might be yet... but I'll have plans!

I dont even know who is planned for half-time entertainment *shocked*


Grant said...

I don't even know (or care) who's playing.

Kerry said...

I don't care so much either. I just like all the partying that goes on FOR the game :)

Oh... and the commercials and the disasterous half time shows.

Angela said...

I stayed home and kicked my two men out. They went to my dad's