Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Occifer I Promise I'm Innocent!


I sat down to check my emails this morning and I got a sweet little message from a friend who is still at Chaos College.

"I was going thru old pics for Dr K retirement party and I found these. LOL"

LOL is right! I'd totally forgotten that while I was there I had been "arrested" and spent time in the pokey!


I got disciplined before I was hauled off.

It was all in fun *giggle*. The students were raising money by having people arrested and someone had to bail us out. It was Drug Awareness week or SADD or something of that nature. Gosh those were fun times!


Circe said...

Ah, good times! Come back and get arrested again, KerBear!!! :)

Kerry said...

I'd love to! I miss those wild and crazy days!

TC said...

You know what would make this picture even BETTER?!?! If you and Circe had been thrown in jail together... O:)