Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Helpfully Yours

For those not in the loop and living in a hole, today is Administrative Professionals Day and so far I've received a pretty green candle and holder from my secret pal, an adorable pink lounging outfit from my boss, a funny singing card from the IT gang, and a gorgeous bouquet of pink carnations from my dearest work bud, "L". I love it! Last year I bought a similar loungy outfit in turquoise and even packed it for the Jamaica trip this past February. No word yet on if or when we’ll be having our annual staff luncheon but with all the events currently going on, I’m sure it won’t be until May at the earliest.

On the other hand, Cowgirl didn’t last even a year with our crazy IT department as she heads out the door for greener pastures after this Friday. (No, I didn’t run her off, I swear.) She will be settling in the neighboring state of Arkanslaw and hopes to sell homemade wagon wheels to the Amish. She even brought one of her ‘creations’ to work today to show to fellow employees. I don’t make these things up. Honest. Ever the professional, she has a new food joint’s menu tacked up to her door. Wtf? Are they paying her for this free promotion? This seems out of line but I do admit that some hungry techs and I were salivating reading the list of offerings. IT will be hosting a small going away party for her in the lounge Friday and boss is providing the refreshments including cake. Guess the least I can do is scrounge up a Buh Bye card.

Also in the news, our six-month old adopted wild child, Cami, is getting ‘tutored’ today. This surgery was scheduled just in the nick of time as she went into heat yesterday with kitty grrl hormones making their presence known as they took over her adolescent body. She’s been suffering a case of funky eyes and the vet suspected leukemia but it came back negative. After plunking down the bucks for shots and neutering, what usually happens next is they run out in the road and become kitty pancakes.

This past Sunday I attended the dreaded Premier jewelry party and altogether dropped almost $100 bucks on glittery ornamentation I had no intention of purchasing. Damn those shiny, flashy irresistible earbobs! (One can tell I’ve been reading Scarlett O’Hara again). Normally wild horses cannot drag me to these pressure parties but my preshus niece pulled the begging puppy dog eyes and I knew I’d capitulate for her. The small crowd consisted of mostly female relatives and no less than three had their arm twisted to book future parties that I will no doubt be invited to. *slaps forehead* Will this vicious, never-ending cycle ever run out of steam?! Two are pooling time and resources by going in together for their bash but I will fortunately be out of town on vacation on the day chosen. Oh darn! The other isn’t until September and who knows what previous engagement may run interference and give me a much need break. ;)

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Burg said...

Back when I was an assistant, I got some kind of stinky bath stuff. I think I may have re-gifted..

I can't believe I just admitted that.