Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bicycle Built for Speed

I got a new road bike for my birthday and yesterday I broke it in. First of all, let me explain that a bike used for racing and those huge, mammoth bike rides are not like the bikes we ride as kids nor are they the bike you run up to Wal-mart and get for a little ride around the neighborhood. They are specifically for your height and inseam and they are designed so that you have to reach as faaaaar as your little arms will go to get to the brakes and gear shifts! Not only that, but they expect you to wear shoes with cleats to lock in your feet!

What the heck is that all about!?

My first attempt to get on the bike was just that. An attempt. I failed to get my leg thrown over the thing because the seat was too high. Got that adjusted and then I have to attempt to get a foot on the pedal, and locked in, and take off. Easier said than done. When you're standing on the ground, your seat comes to just right above your butt crack so it's not like you can just sit down and take off. Nope. You have to get one foot on and stand up to get on your seat (gotta get rolling too or you will fall and keep in mind your foot is locked in and if you start to fall you have to not forget to snap your shoe out of the pedal to catch yourself) and throw the other foot into locked position. Start pedaling!

I walked my bike to a safe area to get started. You know, the area on the bottom of the hill, past the poles (so I wont hit them), where hopefully no one can see me try to take a ride. Monday's at 6pm are busy on the trails! I managed to take off and with only a little struggle on the second cleat, I was off and riding!

I rode 12 miles on my first day with no accidents. I didn't wreck or run over anyone or get run over. I did a little off-roading by accident, but nothing major. I managed to maintain control of the vehicle at all times!

Today, I rode another 12 miles in horrid wind... and my butt bone hurts like no other! It was sore from yesterday, but today its major sore. Is there a treatment for that? Bike Butt!


グラント said...

If people can get Tennis Elbow, you can get Bike Butt. I recommend a vigorous internal anal massage with a penis. Let me know if you need to borrow one.

nunu said...

A soaking HOT bath will do wonders for your Bike Butt!!

Kerry said...

Symbol Guy: That conditioning technique isn't sounding very appealing. lol with ANYONE's wee-wee! lol

NuNu: I should do a day at the spa! I wanted a butt massage... but had no takers. Course, Richard was out of town and C and P just say "aaawww mom! NO!" hhahaha