Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Day at the Spa

I wondered why Heather's face was all dolled up when I got to her house to pick baby Z up. She usually wears really light makeup and she even had this deep brick red lipstick on. She looked like she was fixing to go on stage or something.

"We played Beauty Shop today, and Z got her toes painted".

They are cute little pink nails too! How someone could sit and so steadily paint such a tiny moving target is beyond me!


TC said...

:-D So adorable!!! I love it!!

nunu said...

Love the pink color! All she needs now is a toe ring...a Pink one!

Angela said...

Now you should take her to see me for a massage

Kerry said...

TC: Thank you... It's cute to see those little toes painted.

NuNu: GREAT idea!!! I'll see if I can find one. It will look great with her belly button ring. hehehe

Angela: I hear infant massages are the rage!