Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Turn the Page

I totally planned on a witty, succinct, end-of-year post and life threw me unexpected Crazy Cousin Curves as 2007 gasped its last dying breath. Nevertheless, I wish you all a prosperous, cheerful new year replete with joy, love, and laughter. To quote an astute female, wise beyond her tender years:

Don't you just love New Year's?
You can start all over.

(uttered from the mouth of either Luscious Lenore or Cunning Carla in Forrest Gump)

That pretty much sums up my feelings on fresh beginnings, starting anew, turning the page...


weatherchazer said...

She was very astute, but the bills keep coming back!

Wombat said...

Were they Lieutenant Dan's friends, Circe?

Such forthcoming girls.

Happy New Years to you OK babes!

TC said...

Happy new year ladies :)

Circe said...

Happy New Year all!

Weather--yeah, it's good to be optimistic but a dose of reality is in order. (and special hugs to you, sweetie)

Wombie--darn tootin they were Lieutenant Dan's 'friends.' :) As much as I like Forrest, Lt. Dan is my favorite in that movie. I just love Gary Sinise. *EG*

TC--Back atcha, darlin!