Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dr Evil Strikes

Eating a big bowl of Mac & cheese late at night isn't a good idea. It blows up in your stomach and it hurts! The big glass of water probably didn't help matters either. That pasta just absorbs the water and gets bigger.

Eating a big bowl of Mac & Cheese isnt a good idea period. Regardless of the time of day. I think I should mark it off my list of foods I can eat.

It's hecka late at night and I sit here thinking about the next few weeks and how my whole world could change completely. Well, as far as employment goes. I can't say too much because I know that Snoopy McSnooperson and Fatty McFatterson back at work have snooped in my email and checked out websites that I visit... and this blog is one of them. So I know they read it periodically (that's why sometimes i'm very vague). I do like to drop little bombs for them on here... and lead them astray. It's so fun to play with little minds.

Anywhoo... Say a little prayer for me... that things go my way! If they do... then it's very possible that the situation with Fatty at work will be over! OVER I say! O V E R !!!! muaaaahahahahhahahahahahh! *very evil laugh*


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Down with Fatty!

Of course....I am in no position to hate on those lovely ladies who just happened to overeat during the holidays and added a few LBs....JUST SAYIN'! :)

Good luck!

Kerry said...

Thank you!!!

nunu said...

Good Luck!