Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Third Time is a Charm

It seems like forever since i've been able to sit down and type up a little ditty for this blog. In the few days i've been busy trying to work out a little schedule with baby Z (and losing sense of time/day), I hear that Britney Spears is preggers again!?!?

What is up with that girl!?

Thanks for all the well wishes. :)


Angela said...

It must be fun to have a new baby in the house.
Enjoy all the little cuddles

Kerry said...

It is so much fun. I'm trying to savor every minute of it... it flies by way too fast!

TC said...


Maybe you can give Brit some lessons?

Big Ben said...

I should have worn a condom.

Wombat said...

I wonder if she connects what goes in with what comes out somewhat later.