Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Obstruction Zone

The obstinate post I was working on for today unexpectedly departed for Microsoft Word 2007 heaven so hopefully my revised version fills the bill. Minor, petty things have been accumulating all this week and yes, I realize it’s only Wednesday. Already I’m in dire need of a serious attitude adjustment. Or a drink. Or both. The ladies upstairs bathroom has been out of commission for a week and a half now and there is no plumber in sight. I have called maintenance and even reminded the Exalted Poobah’s assistant to no avail. It isn’t that I mind traipsing down the stairs to the communal stalls (more exercise), but it’s the fact they keep the downstairs potties less than pristine and our "genteel scholars" have a heck of a time remembering to flush let alone place their used towels in the trash.

"Attention Ladies, and I'm using that term loosely here:
Please turn around and flush the toilet when you are through. Or reach back and hit the handle. Either way. Ok? Thank you."

But no, they would rather be dirty, little pigs. That don’t care. They are dirty, little pigs that don’t care. One never knows what eyeball-searing scene will greet ones peepers as one fearfully opens a stall door. It is positively vile. The faucet water reaches the sizzling temperature of “tepid” so after washing ones hands, doubt lingers while wondering if this heat is sufficient to kill those throngs of copulating germs.

Also, we just received a memo that starting tomorrow, yet another entrance will be blocked off. Why don’t they just get it over with and entomb staff in here like a body in a coffin forgodssakes?! Or better yet, just lock us out completely. I am really tired of trying to figure out new ways to enter or exit the premises with all this construction going on. Did they have to work on everything at once? Aren’t we violating stringent fire codes or something by now? And to top it off, I missed seeing Naked Guy on the Side of the Highway waving at passerby on Monday afternoon as he was long gone by 5 pm. Dang it!!!


TC said...

Eww, don't you hate that?

A drink. You need a drink.

weatherchazer said...

I think we all need a drink- Naked guy? Was it my husband moonlighting?

Circe said...

This week I have truly needed to just chill and go with the flow...Wait, I was discussing toity issues, wasn't I? :)

WC--I didn't get a complete description of naked guy so it could have been. Has he been in Oklahoma recently? I would quiz him... LOL