Monday, August 27, 2007

Thought to Ponder

Ummm.... Question.

Should elementary aged children be in the delivery room??? At their request.


Angela said...

I think if the child wants to and the mother has no problem with it, then sure why not.
In my case I didn't want anyone but the doctor and my husband in the room when I had my son. I just did not feel comfortable having anyone around.
I think giving birth is something very interesting. I believe if a child wants to see then great. Just make sure that there is someone around to take the child out of the room in case they change their mind.

CruiserMel said...

Only if they're finally ready to come out of the birth canal.

TC said...

I think so, as long as Mom is comfortable with the situation.

There is no experience like it in the world... right?

Kerry said...

I've never wanted anyone in the room with me other than the doctor and his/her nurse... and my hubby. I wouldn't even consider it. However, this time I've really thought about it...

One thing that makes me shudder is the thought that he'll go to school and use me as show and tell. It would be more TELL than show... but still! It's something I prefer not be discussed with a whole classroom of people!

Thank you for your input. I feel better about even considering it.