Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Serenade

I know August catches a lot of unwelcome flack what with its oppressive heat and lack of holidays, but I for one, love it. Good things have usually happened to me during this month and though I’m coming up empty in relating specific recent instances, I still consider it one of my personal favorites. As we bid farewell to sultry summer and gear up for clear, crisp, cooler, bright autumn days (the cooler part won’t happen until October for Okieland), we kick off these changes with this Labor Day weekend salute. This closing summer fling is met with mixed emotions as I reflect on the subtle and not so subtle changes soon to occur. While looking at my handy dandy activities planner, I see I have a full dance card for every single weekend. In no particular order my list includes Fantasy Football auction, college play, chili cookoff, art festival, photoshop seminar, TBC cousin reunion, niece visiting from NC slated to shoot some exceedingly overdue family portraits, Latino dance party and Ker’s ultimate babygirl shower. Whew! All this is in addition to my usual, demanding weekend tasks. And let’s not forget my intensifying movie watching addiction. I upped my plan to three-at-a-time from Netflix recently so I’ll be frequently firing up the microwave for tasty snacks washed down with yummy beverages. (And yes, by “beverages,” I mean bottles of vino. You know me too well.) ;-)

Much like the very ornery blogger I am, I hope to kick-start the long weekend off right by totally pissing off my favorite airhead Xanga blogger by inciting her to riot thanks to the goofy name I plan to use to get onto her locked site. I expect a testy, venom-strewn, obscenity-laced, retaliatory private message in response. Good times!

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!


CruiserMel said...

It sounds like you've got some fun planned for this next month. I know I'm glad August is just about gone, too. Can I come over for a glass of wine or are you planning on Bogartin' it all for yourself? LOL

Circe said...

Cruiser--always ready to share with you! What's your favorite? I have red, white, dry, semi-sweet...Right now I have a semi white open chilling in the fridge and may down that baby when I get home tonight.

Kerry said...

I wish I could join! Give me a couple of months and i'm all over it with ya! :)

TC said...

Have a safe and happy labor day weekend, ladies :)