Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Debbie Does Daycare

I had a coversation with the little neighbor boy last night...

G: Kerry, have you heard of Pinography?
*racing through racks of information in my head to try to figure out what Pinography was*
Me: Is that like Stenography? A Stenographer?
G: Yeah, Pinography.
*obvioulsy a confused look on my face*
G: You know, when there is stuff on your computer that isnt good?
*big bright eyes*
Me: OH!!!! (obviously hit me) You mean Pornography!!!!
G: Yeah, Pinography... or pornography
Me: why would you know about that!??! *growing ever concerned because he is too small to be thinking of such things!*
G: My dad's girlfriend teaches and that was found on her Superintendents computer and he got fired.

Well good grief, i'd hope so!

P: what's Pinography?
*so happy he's not into knowing what that is*
Me: you mean pornography
G: I'm not explaining it... Kerry you better explain it

First of all, why a little 3rd/4th grader knows all the ins and outs of it is beyond me and secondly, I should have let him explain it to see if he really understood what it was!

Me: Well, P... it's dirty pictures of people doing naughty things and it's too trashy to be looking at. It will get you in trouble.

G: Yeah, so and so said he saw some Pinography with little 3 and 4 year olds
Me: ok!!! Just stop!

I had to end the conversation. I figured there was probably more between them when I left.... but it was so weird to hear it all from such little people. They shouldnt hear about this until..... at least until they go to church camp or something!


Burg said...

Okay, that last line about made me snort.

It amazes me what kids know now days. My oldest picked up all kinds of things from this one boy at school last year. He's the son of a girl I went to school with, so in my mind the kid already has one strike due to that whole apples and trees thing. When she started telling me some of the things he'd told her, I had to just tell her to NOT talk to him...

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha what a cute post... not right that the kid had heard about it but still a cute conversation! Thanks.

Kerry said...

Burg: I think back to the day I was their age.... I was just worried about whether my bike had a flat or not so I could get to the pool! Life was so simple then :)

Guilty: That little boy makes for all kinds of interesting conversations. I should post more of them!

weatherchazer said...

My boss had 'pinography' on his computer at work- I know, cause he called me to come clean it up. Pervert!

TC said...

They shouldnt hear about this until..... at least until they go to church camp or something!


Bone said...


I think Cinemax was my first exposure. Then again, we didn't have a computer until I was like 21.

Angela said...

What has the world come to today. Maybe I just think it wasn't around when I was little because my life wasn't consirned with these things. That wasn't to long ago either.