Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! (aka Sexy Sec’s Day)

No longer considered long-suffering, “get-me-some-coffee, pick-up-my-drycleaning, and-while-you-are-at-it-buy-my-wife’s-belated-birthday-gift,” ‘Girl Friday’ gofers, we have advanced to more worthy responsibilities and fancier titles. Basically, we still do a lot of the drudge work, but the demeaning crap has gone the way of the horse and buggy. At least, I hope it has. I recall in my tender, apple-cheeked, newbie years getting asked to sit on my boss’ lap (I declined), but that was long ago and far away and much has changed in the intervening years. Though still employed as an assistant, my duties no longer fall anywhere near the secretarial range and the Grand Poobah is a woman (though I realize lap-sitting could still be an issue). My haul so far has consisted of pretty balloons, gorgeous pink carnations from my dear buddy “L,” a very me, girly, pale pink watch, and a divine leather-bound copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare whereupon when presented to me, I shivered with anticipatory joy. Really! I love Shakespeare!!! Oh, and we also have a special lunch in our honor today. Alrighty! At any rate, to all those who serve others in some capacity or another, have a wonderful day and enjoy your plant/flowers/gifts/cards/balloons. I hereby salute you!

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