Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Like Tootsie Roll Pops

Thats just too funny....

Our office was on our way back from the funeral services of our 'gonnamisshimsomuch' boss, and I was telling Teresa how I hope this weekend that our soccer games dont get cancelled again because of weather. She had no idea we were in for lots of rain and possiblities of snow in some parts and just an overall crummy Friday/Saturday, and I thought 'I'll blog it'.

I started to type and for some reason checked the site real quick and Circe had posted about the weather! Great minds think alike!

Our soccer season hasnt gotten off to a real good start. More games than not, have been cancelled (postponed - because we will be playing them later) due to weather. They've started rescheduling them and we're playing deep into June which means hot, sweaty weather. This is the middle of April and we're not supposed to be digging out wool blankets and wearing four layers of clothing (we did last weekend during the soccer games and still froze our booties off). It should be nice spring weather! Is this an indicator of summer weather? Will it be chaotic too and lordy... just nasty hot?!?

I haven't been a woman of many words this week... I have lots of thoughts, but for some reason can't get them down in words.

One Thought... who the hell is Imus (sp?) and what the heck did he say to piss everyone off so bad!? And honestly, did he do something so terrible to warrant being fired?

This may be cold but... sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never harm me.

Didn't they ever learn that in grade school?!?


Traveling Chica said...

I hate to go against you on your own blog, Kerry, but... I've often times felt that they were wrong: words DO hurt me.

I'm crossing my fingers for no rain out again. :)

Kerry said...

TC: tis ok... I've had words hurt me too, but in this particular case I think they saw an opportunity for something else. I'm not so sure it's what he said... Just my opinion though. :)

Its raining. HARD too! *tears*

Burg said...

I've been hollering "sticks and stones" at the television every time I hear about it again.. I'd never heard of the guy until this thing.

Apparently the guy makes rude statements all the time. Why anyone decided this one was the one to overreact about, I'll never know. My honest opinion is that it's the media's way to make an example of someone from the left to prove there's no media bias..

I'm just ready for some real news again.. I'm sick of Anna Nicole's baby and Imus.. Maybe Tom Cruise will jump on a couch again for us..