Monday, March 19, 2007

Morning Drive

It's no secret that i'm not a big fan of Julia Roberts but it always seems i'm the only one that has such disinterest in her or her acting. Her starring in a movie is not going to draw me closer to seeing it. Chances are, i'll skip it.

BUT this morning while listening to my beloved Rock 100.5 THE KATT, Rick and Brad were discussing Hollywood's hottest moms (of course Angelina Jolie Pitt came first) and in the lineup was Julia Roberts. One of them was listing the momma's... and when it came to Julia, the other one said 'no! She grosses me out. She is not hot!'

Thank you! Thank you very much. Someone finally sees it my way! She isn't 'Pretty Woman' and should not have been cast in that movie. She has the same dorky screaming loud laugh in every movie which I remember first being in Pretty Woman. It seems like she plays the same charcter, different movie title.

They continued on with the list: Angelina, Reese Witherspoon, Gwenyth Paltrow, Demi Moore, and then got to talking about Demi Moore's oldest daughter, Rumer.

You know how Brad Pitt and Angelina had Shiloh and she's the prettiest little baby!? She has two gorgeous parents and they made a beautiful child. Well here's a case where two good looking people did not create beautiful offspring. This oldest daughter got the worst traits of each parent and it's not pretty. She looks like a Mr Potato Head with all the wrong parts.

I never did think she was attractive either.


Traveling Chica said...

I love Julia Roberts. :(

Kerry said...

TC: I'm sorry... hope I didnt offend you ;) She's just so not my favorite!

socal sweetie said...

Rumer Willis has a LOT of issues. And she's definitely not attractive.