Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MIA Culpa

Yes my darlings, I’m alive and well in Okiedokieville! Sorry for the lack of posts but being home this past 1 ½ weeks has meant a) intensive cleaning b) excessive cooking/baking and c) fam, fam, and more fam visits and d) rare fleeting moments of computer time as TBC is always underfoot and my preshus shared online journal is our dirty little secret. (shhh!)

Though very much enjoying my time off from Chaos College the down side has been eating, A LOT of eating and fear of hopping on the scales as I shudder to think of the extra poundage I have recklessly incurred in my wild orgiastic munchfests. It doesn’t help having a broken treadmill sitting forlornly gathering dust in the utility room of all places. I really must either get it fixed or replaced as this situation is downright intolerable in my book. I know I have many tales to regale you with but it’s late and I heard an alarming crash in the kitchen. I think Oreo or Snickers has sent some dinnerware to a splintery death. However, I did want to stop in and say hi, give you my Circe love, and promise some sappy New Year’s post where I tell you how appreciative I am of your supportive patronage and regular reading. And I/we very much am/are. :) Hope your holiday was everything you hoped for and more and I’ll post again later this week, k?

hugs and eggnog kisses,


Wombat & Aspen said...

Circe Love, the best love of all.


Circe said...

Wombey darling, extra special love goes out to you! And absolutely adored hearing your sexy voice!!! I was listening to your blogradio broadcast last night!

okie smooches...

Traveling Chica said...


Welcome back! We missed you! Glad to hear that you had a good holiday!

Circe said...

I missed you too, TC!! (((hugs)))