Thursday, December 28, 2006

First Christmas Story

After all of our gifts were open, Richard handed me my stocking. I began digging things out of it... opening and inspecting each item. You know how you do when you think something is empty, but you shove your hand down into it just to make sure you got it all... well I did that... and found a piece of paper.

I unfolded it and found this note:
So I run to inspect the TV... nothing... so I slide the doors open to reveal the top and there is a package wrapped in bright red paper.
Baby girl got a new digital camera!!! whooohooo! Mine went completely belly up a few weeks ago and i've been shopping around. Santa brought me a new one!
I've been testing out the different options and settings so bare with me if the pictures might not be so great. I'm testing. If they are wonderful, I definitely took them with my new camera!

The story is... a week or so before Christmas, Richard and I looked at camera's and he took notes on which one(s) I liked. That very day he ran out and purchased it for me. He knew (because I am so extremely smart) that if he wrapped it and put it under the tree, i'd know immediately what I got. So he and C plotted and planned against me. C told him to hide it on the shelf above the tv... because i'd never look there. If I watch tv, the doors will be open which will hide the package - and the odds of me dusting are dang near zero... so it was safe.

My Santa present had been looking at me for an entire week before the big day! Richard sat down at his computer to come up with something creative to get me to the gift... and he came up with 'On the last day of Christmas my true love gave to me... something above the tv'.

He rocks!


Burg said...

How very cool!

Circe said...

I think Richard is a keeper... :)

Kerry said...

Yep... he's a keeper :)

This was a great Christmas!

Traveling Chica said...

He's super creative - and sweet! That's fabulous.

So, does he have brothers? Cousins?? 2nd cousins twice removed??? I'm not picky...

Sizzle said...

sweet gift!

Big Ben said...

You are one of those that checks out the gifts under the tree to try to guess your gifts, I hate that.

Kerry said...

Chica: He doesn't have a brother, but he does have a cousin that is a sweetheart (and single). I'll work on getting you the hookup :)

Ben: I dont normally try to guess my gifts, but that one I probably would have. I didn't snoop around my stocking! He filled it a few days before Christmas and I managed to leave it alone. lol

Traveling Chica said...

Okay, I'm good with that. :-)