Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Car Haunting

You aren't going to believe this story... but it's true!

Here goes....

It was in the forecast for our area to get quite a bit of rain yesterday and possibly today. As luck would have it, it didnt start pouring until about 5 o'clock rush. After work, I had to rush home (rush means go about 1/2 the speed because everyone tends to drive slower and crazier when the weather is weathering) get Richard, C and P and head south about 50 miles for a little Christmas visit.

By the time we grabbed some dinner and loaded up in the MM, it was dark and the rain was dumping on us pretty good. It was hard enough to use the embarrassingly fast wiper speed! I toodled along... making my way through the residential areas to get to the highway. I followed a few cars through the stop light and onto the entrance ramp to the 8 lane highway where we should have been picking up speed so we could all get on this raceway.... but we were toodling along at a snails pace. Regardless of the rain, we can still reach a decent driving speed - there was no need to creep! The car in front of me refused to accelerate and proceeded to enter the highway at a whopping 40mph or so. A speed that could prove to be deadly because the traffic is sailing at double that (on a normal day).

On this rainy night, everyone was cruising about 60-65mph. When I had access to another lane, I accelerated into the next lane and went around the doh-doh head that was holding everyone back.

Richard said... (and I am not making this up, Egan!) "look, its a black Lexus"!!!

Sure enough! It wasn't the same one that stalks the mall... but it was a black Lexus.

AND I dreamed about Pythons last night. What is up with all that!?


thephoenixnyc said...

Okay, Its not that I don't belive this, I just plain no comprende.

Traveling Chica said...

Too funny! (About the lexus, not idiot drivers who should never have been given licenses!) :)

twisted panties said...

You better watch your back.