Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Borrowed from Bone’s blog who borrowed it from someone else:

I am...trying to stay optimistic and positive though it’s not always easy.
I think...entirely too much and tie myself up in knots.
I know...all the characters in the Star Wars novels but some better than others. Sad, isn’t it? I love Grand Admiral Thrawn. Something about intelligence, immense power, and unusual blue skin makes for a complete turn-on.
I want...to feel normal again and I’m getting there.
I have...friends, family and a shared blog. Sounds good to me.
I wish...All of us got three do-overs in life. The changes I would make! If wishes were horses…
I hate...mooches, users, conflict, deceit.
I miss...traveling. Hopefully this is a temporary situation because I am not finished visiting resorts on tropical beaches, OBX, or my hometown.
I fear...pain and suffering.
I feel...hope mixed with a humbling dose of reality.
I hear...my laptop humming, an occasional car go by and wishing I’d hear the train whistle in the distance. Have I told you lately how much I love trains? Short of an actual train running through my backyard, I’d settle for real train tracks just for the illusion.
I smell...like Skunk’s Ass. Well, I have been using Mango Mandarin on my hands tonight and I’m trying to remember which body wash I used last.
I regret...quite a bit from the past. Foolish things I’ve done. Being more passive than I should have been. Not taking enough chances. How long do you want this list?
I love...organizing things. Have you seen my closet? Totally organized with clothes in rotation so items aren’t overlooked or worn repeatedly. And let’s not forget the toenail polish colors I have lined up for each month of the year. Seriously. I’m a tad compulsive about a few things and I do get caught up in minutia but I love details and working things out in advance so life runs ohsomuch smoother.
I care...about a lot of things. I’m a softie inside and I truly hate hurting anyone’s feelings though you can’t always tell it in my posts. And I’m an excellent empathizer.
I always...make lists and write in my planner.
I am not...a fly by the seat of the pants person. I want planning and organization thank you! And I’m not creative and I wish I thought out of the box more.
I believe...in being thankful for each day of life.
I dance...in the privacy of my room when a song is playing that compels me to jump up and boogie. And I’m a constant toe-tapper. If there is a song on anywhere with a compelling beat, I’m wriggling in my chair.
I sing...along with songs but though I can carry a tune I have very little range.
I write...because I enjoy it. The downside to blogging is a lot that happens becomes possible blog fodder. I’m forever thinking of topics in my head for future use. Few are exempt so beware all who cross our paths. :)
I win...at spelling. And writing essays.
I lose...my temper quickly but I’m over it just as quickly.
I never...take bubble baths anymore as I prefer hot showers.
I listen...fairly well though there is room for improvement.
I can usually be found...with my nose in a book. Or on the computer.
I am scared of...mice, not that I’ve seen any in the house lately. And tornados. We just had a tornado watch again last night till midnight.
I read...all the time. I have at least two or three books going at once. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a large pile of books lined up for future perusal.
I forget...a lot. Sometimes that’s a good thing.
I just...sneezed. It’s that time of year.
I am happy about...warmer weather (minus tornados) though I really did want a nice big snowstorm this winter and didn’t get it. Our blog buddies. You are all very special to us and we love you.



Grant said...

Imagine how terrifying a mouse tornado would be - a swirling funnel of mice surrounding you, running all over you with their little rodent feet, and then hurling your through a brick wall.

Bone said...

Haha. I love your obsessive organization. What color will you be wearing in August?

Oh, and I'm all about chair dancing to iTunes.

Kerry said...

Very good!

YOu are a tad compulsive... a compulsive bag buyer! HAHAH