Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I really hate stupid people.

I thought the holiday break would refresh me and put me in a better frame of mind. But on the first day back to class, its a big negative. Stupid people piss me off. I love training. I love teaching people how to use software and about their PC/laptop. I do NOT love telling them for the f'ing umpteenth thousandth time and nothing has changed! The answer is the same as the first time I told you as it is today. Absolutely NOTHING has changed. Why the heck can't some people grasp AND RETAIN information?! It's not like its throw away info. You know, something you need right now and will never see again. It's basic login info, or how to minimize or maximize or how to find EXCEL if it's not a pretty icon on your desktop. OMG!

Oh... and what is a desktop? No, it's not what you set your papers on to write and a Window is not what we look through to see outside. Yes, these are things that come up in class... over and over and over. ugh

My fiery glares should indicate that they have reached their stupid question maximum. I'm gonna start givin them their sign!

Other than that... its a good day! :)


Bone said...

Oh man, from now on when I have computer questions, I'll just come here and leave a comment :)

(My word verification is "bouncit." I think I yelled that at a club one time.)

Kerry said...

As long as its not a STOOPID question, then its fine! HA

Grant said...

Stupid people keep us IT people in business. Where would we be if the world was staffed with intelligent people who could do things for themselves?

Angela said...

Yes stupid doesn't ever end.
You just have to hope you aren't in that crowd

Hope people's brains start clearing soon